dimarts, 20 d’agost de 2013

The Wrong Trousers.

Would you like to read a funny story? Then, read The Wrong Trousers!
It's a story about the birthday of a dog called Gromit and his owner Wallace.
There were many different kinds of machines in their house and Wallace made a machine for Gromit's birthday, called Techno-trousers. They were for taking the dog for a walk. Gromit went for a walk with the Techno-trousers so Wallace could stay at home. But Wallace didn't have  much money so he wrote a sign and put it in the front window of the house: SPARE ROOM for RENT. Suddenly, they heard a ring at the front door. It's a penguin!, but...
is the right animal for them? Or not?
If you want to know, read it! 
This strange story won the OSCAR for the best Animated Short Film in 1993.


Wallace, Gromit and the Techno-trousers.

The Penguin.

Cover image: Aardman, Adaptation: Bill Bowler.

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